Amanda Middleton: Therapy and Consulting

I see therapy/counselling as a collaborative relationship that seeks to bring healing and change in people’s lives.

The problems and worries that people bring to therapy are born from troubles with how a person seeing themselves and relating to the world and other people, rather than because something is inherently wrong with them. My therapy starts with a conversation. We can actively talk about whatever is on your mind, causing you stress or worry, and is getting in the way of you living the life you would like to. I will ask you questions to help think through whatever it is that has bought you to therapy. I will also give you feedback along the way and sometimes offer a range of suggestions to choose from. I will also regularly check in about how you are experiencing therapy, so that you can drive the process and get what you need to from it.

I see my work as a therapist as being able to help my clients develop new ways to see and experience themselves, and changing unhelpful narratives, patterns and behaviours into helpful ones. This can be done by exploring how you see yourself and others, how the world around you affects you and exploring your behaviours and beliefs. It’s important also to think together about the changes you would like to see happen, what strengths and resources you bring and what helps you to cope with the problems you experience.

I offer both short and long term work. Together can we talk about how often you would like to come, how many sessions you would like and how much space between appointments is best for you. Ultimately it’s up to you how we structure the work.