Amanda Middleton: Therapy and Consulting


Over the last 14 years I have enjoyed delivering short and longer training courses using a mix of interactive learning, experiential techniques and didactic information delivery. I especially enjoy developing training that encourages reflexive practice, enhances practitioners’ skills, and has a solid base in both theory and practice.

A large proportion of my working life has been developing and delivering training in the areas of sex and sexuality, working with LBGT people, drug and alcohol use, and domestic and sexual violence.

Established Training Modules offered

  • A basic introduction to sex and sexuality
  • Working in sex positive ways to heal from histories of sexual abuse
  • Working with gender and sexual diversity in therapy
  • Understanding and interrupting prejudice and discrimination in the workplace
  • Supporting LGBT people
  • A basic introduction to drug and alcohol use
  • Exploring the links between substance use and domestic violence
  • Supporting families affected by drug and alcohol use.
  • Safeguarding children living with parental substance use

Bespoke training development

Often organisations want a course that perfectly fits the needs of their staff, or would like to develop courses about specific issues for a target audience.

Sometimes a major incident or a change in policy or funding can reveal the need for new skills or procedures. I have many years of experience working alongside organisations to develop training to meet their unique needs. If you are interested in developing bespoke training, please see my contact details below.

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