Amanda Middleton: Therapy and Consulting

I see therapy/counselling as a collaborative relationship that seeks to bring healing and change in people’s lives.

Individual Therapy

This is a space for you to come to therapy by yourself, to engage with some of the difficulties you might be experiencing. These conversations often focus on exploring the relationship patterns you find yourself in, the meanings you attribute to your life experiences, what you appreciate about yourself and what you would like to change, changes in thinking and behaviour and how you interact with others.

Relationship Therapy

This therapy is for people who are in a couple, or other type of intimate relationship. Members of the couple/relationship attend the therapy sessions to figure out the best way forward for each of them individually and together.

Often people choose to focus on unhelpful patterns in the way they communicate, differences in priorities and lifestyles, ideas for the future of the relationship, improving intimacy and sex, relating well to family and friends, changing cycles of arguing and other difficulties specific to their relationship.

Family Therapy

Family therapy can help family members, (be they biological family, families of choice, step family, urban families or other relationship combinations) to explore together difficult thoughts, feelings and interactions. Family therapy can be useful for expressing difficult emotions and finding better ways to get along with each other.

Families might come to therapy to reflect on or make decisions about changes in family circumstances, parenting, worries about children, roles and relationships in family life, planning for the future and much more.

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I offer both short and long term work. Together can we talk about how often you would like to come, how many sessions you would like and how much space between appointments is best for you. Ultimately it’s up to you how we structure the work.